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Meet the Coach

          Kristi’s journey began in Sofia, Bulgaria where she was born and often felt she didn’t belong. She immigrated to the USA at 19 in search of her own slice of heaven. She spent many years searching for a sense of belonging by pursuing varying interests. In 2009, she received a BA from U.C. Berkeley, the same year she married the love of her life and in 2012 became a mom. 

          She found motherhood to be the conduit to her awakening believing her son was worthy of all of life's treasures but didn’t consider herself worthy of them herself. When she realized she cannot teach her son virtues she doesn’t embody herself, Kristi focused on facing her limiting beliefs. And through an emotional journey she reached her personal liberation and embodied her feminine power. Shortly after Kristi discovered her true passion that would become her life’s mission; empowering women to honor and love themselves. 

          Kristi had an epiphany that liberated women are powerful, impactful and capable of extraordinary things and she wants to share this discovery with as many women as she can. 

          As a Certified Transformational Mastery level Health and Life Coach, Kristi has established herself as a promoter of positive living, goal achievement, and mastery of habit change through her inspirational and transformative programs.


          Lastly, Kristi is a kind, sensitive, and caring mother with a loving spirit, who is proud to have found her life purpose of supporting and serving women. Her interests include exploring & protecting Mother Earth, character ascension, conscious parenting, spiritual alignment, and contributing kindness and positivity to humankind.

In this video I share my

Eating Disorder and Body Image Healing Story

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