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A Feminine Movement of
Self-Love and Self-Empowerment

 As the overused cliché goes: put your own oxygen mask on to ensure you can be there for the people who rely on you for their safety.

It's so simple, right?


But why is it so incredibly difficult for women to prioritize themselves, and even more so for MOMS to?! Because we live in a culture that expects mothers to be selfless martyrs and not just that, but mothers are scorned and judged when they aren't. The need for the caretaker to take care for themselves is completely disregarded, leaving moms feeling there's no space for their needs. The sociocultural expectations placed on women are unreasonable, destructive and dangerous!


Healing Coach Kristi Espinoza is on a mission to enlighten moms to a better existence and that is to prioritize self-care despite the expectations. After all, we are accountable and responsible for ourselves and those we love, not to cultural expectations! Operating from a place of  having "a full cup" we can be present more meaningfully and for much longer when we take care of ourselves equally. What our children crave more than anything else is our undivided attention. And when we fill our cups first, we can show up fully for the special, memory making moments life is about. The moments hospice patients speak about during their last moments*.

If this premise resonates with you, SIGN UP TO RECEIVE INFORMATION ABOUT EVENTS, UPDATES, AND OFFERS that will provide information and instructions on how to begin the journey of Self-Love and Empowerment.

*From the Book "The Five Regrets of the Dying" written by a palliative care nurse Bronnie Ware

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